DeepWeb - deep web. What's in a name?


The deep web is the part of the World Wide Web that is not located directly on the Internet pages, but deeper down in databases. - In June, DeepWeb is founded as a sole proprietorship and develops its first content management system.


Search engines such as AltaVista, Yahoo and the starting Google encounter secure databases. The deep web is being redefined as the part of the World Wide Web that is inaccessible to search engines. - DeepWeb grows up to V.O.F.


In the dark corners of the deep web, the FBI manages to shut down Silk Road, the then largest dark marketplace for drugs. - DeepWeb opens its Google Play store and starts developping its apps under a second trade name: DeepApp mobile solutions.


Some do everything they can to not be found. Unfortunately the dark web keeps growing in the depths of the web. - We grow too, but certainly not there!